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Blaine Bolus is an emerging artist based in Miami. He grew up in Newport Beach, before attending Harvard University in Boston, and living in New York City. Drawing on inspiration from a multicultural and artistic background, Blaine captures fleeting moments of warmth and bliss in his photography.

Education & Career:

Blaine carries a B.A. in Government from Harvard University, as well as a secondary in Economics and language citation in Mandarin Chinese. After graduating, Blaine explored his interest in the intersection of technology and food as a founder of Seated (acquired). With a focus on brand and creative, he published and directed all photomedia for the platform. He continues to build scalable technology in the software space.


Splashes of Sun focuses on capturing that eternal feeling of summer bliss. His subject matter focuses on moments of happiness borne of human interaction. He shoots exclusively in 35mm and believes that the only shots worth capturing are the authentic moments that make us reflect on our humanity and emotions. Blaine continues to seek out sun-splashed moments of life, leisure and happiness that define a generation.

Sun Kissed

Moments in 35mm...

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